Mr. Yutaka Umeda 
Managing Director

 Our name "MOTORIX" comes from "MOTOR" in Spanish, which means "ENGINE" in English. In other words "MOTOR" is a heart of a vehicle. We took the most important word of motorization for our name.
 We are not manufacturers but exporters. Whereas, we produce the value of a product by marketing. A product from a factory has a certain value (the cost of materials used and labor), but it will have no value if it has no demand in the place of production. We commerce the product. We carry it to where it is really needed. In this way we give the additional value to the product.
 Our principal markets have been Central and South America, where we have been active over 35 years. Nearly 90% of our sales is presently to those countries. Based on this area as our home ground now we are expanding our service to many customers of the world. Please feel free to contact us for your requirements in brand new automotive spare parts.

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